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ISBN-10: 1-59507-148-2 and 1-59507-260-8 ISBN-13: 978-159507-260-8 hardcover * paperback Kindle * eBook 
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Brutal   murders,   a   banking   conspiracy,   blackmail,   larcenous   rip-offs,   and   a psychotic   killer   motivated   by   pure   pleasure—these   are   the   things   facing wealthy   “Southron”   ex-SEAL,   part-time   private   investigator   Craige   Ingram in this first book of the MOCCASIN HOLLOW MYSTERY SERIES.
It   is   July   1859,   and   a   blood   tide   of   civil   war   is   sweeping   across   the   South toward   Moccasin   Hollow,   the   ancestral   non-slave   home   of   the   Ingrams, and    the    adjoining    Wisteria    Bend,    the    vast    slave-holding    plantation    of Andrew   and   Corinthia   Greer.   Generations   of   long-accepted   traditions   are being threatened as well as their lives.
By Hawk MacKinney By Hawk MacKinney ISBN: 978-0985918521  hardcover * eBook  Kindle * Nook By Hawk Mac Kinney Video Video Video

Book 1 - Hidden Chamber of Death

Times    are    good…full    barns,    fat    gelf    calves    and    large    families    thrive among   the   sprawling   grain   fields   and   hamlets   and   the   river   from   which they   derive   their   name—the   Feldon.   Word   comes   with   the   trade   caravans that   times   are   not   so   good   in   the   regions   far   to   the   east   of   the   Feldon River—tumultuous changes stir within the remote province of Bleikovia.

Volume I - The Bleikovat Event

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Book 2 - Westobou Gold

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The   Indian   Queen   would   risk   torture   and   worse   to   keep   her   secrets   from these   barbarians   in   suits   of   metal   and   their   search   for   cities   of   gold.   They never   found   the   gold.   Empires   rose;   empires   fell,   the   centuries   passed. Legend became fireside myths, but no treasure was ever found. Yet…

Volume II - The Missing Planets

From   the   uncharted   reaches   between   galaxies,   attacks   of   extraordinary weaponry   come   against   Terato   and   the   Myr   worlds   worlds   of   the   Murians. Desperate     for     answers,     their     worlds     being     overwhelmed     by     this remorseless    aggressor,    they    reach    across    unexplored    space    in    a despairing   gamble   seeking   one   insignificant   star   system   of   gas   giants and rocky inner planets for possible relics of the elusive Lantaraan Polity.