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Book 2 Westobou Gold
Printed Version: 224 Pages Kindle Version: Available Publisher: Sage Words Publishing, LLC Language: English             ISBN-10:    09-97096233              ISBN-13:    978-0997096231
iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Jessica Cassidy - URL 5 stars I am blown away with this book. I never saw it coming until the last page. It was epic. I so loved Craige and his smartness to solve the crime. I so loved his dog as well…. This book has everything you are looking for in a suspense/mystery. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Elsie’s Audiobook Digest - URL 4 stars Craige Ingram is a PI specializing in Archeology. Determined to untangle a wicked web of just about every vice you can imagine. Policeman, Purvis Dalugosh, is at the wheel of the den of iniquity, but when the cards come tumbling down, who’s pulling the strings? I didn’t realize this book was the second book in a series. I’m sure I would have had much more of a perspective if I had read the first book, but Hawk MacKinney did a good job of fleshing out enough details that I quickly grasped what was going on. Seriously, it only makes me want to go back and read the first book! This book has everything you’d expect from a murder mystery, but with Westobou Gold you need to multiply all the ingredients by ten! I’m talking, cold- blooded murder, snuff films, debauched sex, lost treasure, kidnapping! Jeez, I’m tired just reciting it all. Hawk MacKinney manages to weave it all into one exciting thrill ride of a story with plenty of heart-stopping suspense added in. Beware the violence is pretty graphic and some scenes gave me the shivers. In other words, Westobou Gold is a damn good murder mystery! iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 J Bronder Book Reviews - URL 5 stars An Indian Queen is determined to hide her gold from the men in suits of metal. She is willing to die to keep the location safe. In present day Moccasin Hollow some people have been discovered murdered. Ex-Seal Craige Ingram is asked to look into the deaths. But he is going to find more than he bargained for. Craige is going up against corrupt police officer that abuses the privilege of the badge, an underage sex-tape blackmail scheme, and Indian artifacts that are being stolen and sold on the black market. It’s going to be a rough, violent ride following this mystery to the end. This is a wonderful and violent journey through history and the back woods. Purvis is a mean bastard and has no qualms about stopping those that get in his way. I loved Craige, he was a great, strong character and has his work cut out for him to untangle this mess. You will be kept guessing until the end but everything wraps up nicely. I was worried about reading this book since I have not read the first one in this series but that didn’t make a difference. This could be read as a standalone book and there is enough review of Hidden Chamber of Death to keep you up to date without bogging down the story. If you are looking for a great mystery, I recommend you check out this book. I’ll be purchasing Hidden Chamber of Death to catch up on what I missed in the first book and will be watching for future books in this series. “Thank you for the amazing mystery!!” iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Angela THOMPSON - URL giveaway.html 4 stars MacKinney creates wonderful characters.   This was another book that hit on real-world, real-life characters that we meet every day.  Ulterior motives, power, and greed reared their heads--but, so did trust and integrity and moral character.  The author simply does a wonderful job keeping his characters surrounded in enough mystery and plot twists or turns to keep the action moving and the reader guessing and interested in the story line. There are characters to root for--and characters to dislike and mistrust. MacKinney creates a suspenseful journey for readers.  Things are not always as they seem--and things should not be taken for granted in this book. I love MacKinney's ability to develop his characters and his plots into a weaving, twisting, suspenseful novel that readers become glued to. Multiple murders, multiple plots moving and interlocking, and a host of characters provide a very well-developed read. Would I recommend Westobou Gold by Hawk MacKinney?  Westobou Gold is another action packed, suspenseful, easy to read story with characters that mystery lovers will enjoy.   MacKinney helps readers become attached and invested in his characters and their outcomes.  I would certainly recommend this book to murder mystery fans who enjoy being kept in suspense. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17  T’s Stuff - URL hollow.html#comment-form 5 stars Westobou Gold is the 2nd book in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery series. I read the first book and loved it. So when I was invited to read the 2nd book I could not say no. I love how Hawk writes using the southern slang I was raised with. I was raised in Kentucky and Georgia so the slang he uses is a lot like the way I talk. Which actually makes this book series more enjoyable for me. The book is full of mystery, murder, some sex, and a good bit of colorful words. It starts out with a Native American Queen hiding her tribes gold from the white settlers back in the day. Then flies right into present day in Chapter one. It doesn't take long for the sex, drugs and murder to begin, as well as the mystery.  We are then reintroduced to our main character Craig Ingram. He is an ex Navy Seal who is now an amateur archaeologist and private investigator. He finds himself thrown into all the murder, mystery, underage sex tapes, and everything else going on in the book as well as trying to protect the treasures buried in the ground from that long ago time both on his land and off. I am not going to give much of the story since each person and part are actually a key piece to the story. And I would hate to ruin the plot for anyone. I am now waiting for book 3. Can't wait to see what Hawk comes up with next to add to this great series. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 All About Books - URL 4 stars I had read Hidden Chamber of Death the first book in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series, so I was looking forward to reading the second book, Westobou Gold. It is a murder mystery with multiple murders and multiple bad guys. When Craige Ingram is asked to look into a questionable murder- suicide, he ends up getting tangled up in much more. The question is can he keep himself and those he loves safe while he’s investigating? I like Craige Ingram and Terri, the widow he saved in the last book. They have a good relationship and understand and support each other. The main villain in this book is a law enforcement officer who is not only psychotic but he thinks he can do whatever he wants because of his badge. But he’s not the only villain; there is a lot of corruption in this small town. There are a lot of pieces in this puzzle and they finally all come together toward the end of the book. I had a little trouble getting into it but once I did, I couldn’t put it down. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17  My Reading Journeys - URL Westbou Gold is about murder, blackmail, suspense and explicit sex scenes. The story is dark….very well written and filled with some great characters that aren't all very likeable.  I like(d) the author’s writing style and I am interested in reading the 1st book in the series because I did really like the main character. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Nighttime Reading Center - URL hawk.html#comment-form 5 star Are you looking for an adventurous, thriller fun mystery book? Well, Westobou Gold has just about all of it and more. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Readers’ Muse - by Dhivya Balaji - URL mackinney-review.html#comment-form 4 stars If   the   summary   was   anything   to   go   by,   the   book   does   not   disappoint   either.   The   words   are   so   descriptive   and   are   often   the   main   reason   I   kept   going. Before   I   begin,   I   will   have   to   mention   that   not   reading   book   one   had   minimal   impact   on   my   understanding   of   the   second   book   and   this   is   a   point   in   favour of   the   book.   Think   myth   and   legends   from   long   forgotten   lands   that   are   shrouded   in   secrecy   and   mist.   Think   of   some   people   taking   it   seriously.   Think   of the   modern   twists   this   scenario   can   take   especially   when   exceptional   greed   and   a   ruthless   conscience   come   into   play. You   have   the   perfect   racy   read   that can easily span centuries and still not let your interest wane for any reason. The   story   begins   in   the   historical   time   of   Native   people;   the   Indian   Queen   hides   a   gold   treasure   from   the   White   invaders.   But   from   the   next   part,   the   book is   back   to   the   present   and   is   a   huge   net   of   modern   vices   and   despicable   trades   including   poaching,   pornography   and   murders.   The   man   at   the   middle   of the rackets is one of the most brutal villains ever written about. Craige Ingram is called to investigate. But   surprisingly,   his   involvement   in   the   overall   issue   brings   him   into   the   focus   of   people   who   want   his   reputation   ruined   and   his   life   gone. As   Craige   goes deeper   and   deeper   into   the   mess,   the   more   twisted   the   scenario   becomes.   It   is   not   long   before   Craige   finds   his   life   and   that   of   his   love   endangered.   His experience   with   the   Navy   Seals   and   his   life   as   a   PI   and   archeologist   brings   him   to   the   place   where   it   is   all   happening,   and   then   slowly   pull   him   to   the   main epicentre of the racket. The   author   has   used   the   common   stereotypes   required   for   this   genre.   A   bold   hero,   an   intricate   plot,   greedy   villains   and   the   life   of   loved   ones   being endangered.   But   he   has   made   all   this   into   one   huge   page   turner   by   his   narrative   style.   The   story   is   totally   new,   and   the   descriptive   narration   brings   the scenes   to   the   fore,   and   it   is   easier   to   follow   the   story   as   it   traverses   across   plot   twists   and   suspense.   The   best   part   of   the   novel   is   how   all   the   individual, seemingly unconnected plot tangents come together and blend into a very interesting story, as the summary seemed to promise. The   characterisation   is   another   major   plus   (at   least   according   to   me)   and   the   characters   are   developed   well.   For   so   many   details,   the   story   is   not confusing   as   the   plot   elements   travel   together   in   harmony.   I   initially   had   doubts   about   how   the   book   was   going   to   bring   all   the   individual   lines   together   but the author did not disappoint. This is the book for all the bookworms who are ready for a detailed and descriptive narrative…. Overall, I loved the book for the story and the characterisation and for the fact that it maintained the suspense element well, surprising me at places. An amazing story if you are a fan of the genre. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Library of Clean Reads - by Fil PICCOLO - URL gold-by-hawk-mackinney-review.html 5 star Private investigator Craige Ingram takes on a murder investigation that the military wants handled quietly. But Craige’s years of training as a military spy tell him this was going to get dangerous. To get this done, Ingram would have to expose dirty police officers, crooked politicians and treasure smugglers to get to the truth. In Westobou Gold, Hawk MacKinney sets out to entertain his readers with murder, crooked police officers, sex crimes, and illegal smugglers, with the subtropical suburbs of South Carolina and Georgia as a backdrop. MacKinney is at home in this setting. We are treated to authentic portrayals of southern state characters’ lives with their colorful linguistics that at time was hard to follow unless you are from around those parts. The action is indeed fast paced and MacKinney does not hold back from thickening the plot…. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Olio by Marilyn - by Marilyn R. WILSON - URL http:// 4 star Westobou Gold is book two in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series featuring strong, intelligent ex-SEAL Craige Ingram and his beautiful, intelligent girlfriend Terri Wofford Stanley - a woman he fell in love with and then saved from death at the hands of a sadistic murderer in book one. In this Westobou Gold, we start with a historical flashback to set the stage - a gold treasure hidden from invaders by the Indian Queen.  Then it's to current times and a discussion of the illegal poaching of relics by those selling to private collectors.  BUT the plot moves quickly from there to a pornography ring and several disturbing death scenes. As one involves soldiers, Craige is approached to step in and help figure out what is going on. This book is a spider web of plots; from relic poaching to local teens pulled into a pornography ring to murders by Purvis, a violent and crooked law enforcement officer seemingly at the centre. His brutality is disturbing to say the least, just like in the first book in this series, so be sure you like your murder mysteries with a dark edge. Craige senses there is more than what is obvious and begins to sense a shadow pulling the strings. Step by step he begins to unravel the mystery while attempts to tarnish his reputation and then take his life occur. And the death toll rises. MacKinney is a strong writer with a knack for bringing characters and locations to life. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Rainy Day Reviews -  by Elisha German - URL westobou-gold-by-hawk-mackinney.html 5 stars This book starts off with a backstory that really is important to understanding the story. From the Queen to the murders to the lies...this story does not slow down. It was well-written and entertaining and sucks you in from the backstory to the last page. The blackmail and the greed will make you mad but the outcome leaves you feeling refreshed and waiting for the next installment. I enjoyed this read and recommend it to others. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Working Mommy Journal - URL 5 star A well written and thought out mystery full of murder, lies, blackmail and more. I love the way Hawk writes – he puts so much into the story and every little bit is revealed when and where we need it. You are never left confused or wanting more. Westobou Gold is a tale of greed, murder and suspense. We have a hidden treasure that we briefly here about in the beginning in the novel. It is this treasure that causes the murders and plot to unfold throughout the novel, something you don’t quite expect! At the centre of this is ex-SEAL Craige, who must help solve the mysterious murders, blackmail and more. It is through him that we can see the story evolve and all of the micro-connections that exist throughout this novel. Hawk has put so much effort into not only the plot but the character development as well. It is well written and plays out excellently; his skill at writing is amazing and well appreciated as a reader. You are never left bored or confused in this novel. I loved every suspenseful moment! iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Books, Dreams, Life - by Stacey SCHNELLER - URL 4 stars A very well written story. Full of suspense and mystery. I was surprised about how well I liked this story. I am now interested in checking out more of the author’s books in the future. iRBk-Revws-WG_16Jan-3Feb17 Books for Books - by MISTY - URL mackinney.html#comment-form 4 star Westobou Gold by Hawk MacKinney was a very well written book. I have to say that I really enjoyed all of the suspense and intrigue elements that at first seemed randomly stuck together until Craige began to untangle them. Hawk MacKinney fast pace style of writing suited this particular plot perfectly as he pulled various elements together like one would fit puzzle piece together. I personally found Craige Ingram, ex-SEAL, to be my favorite character because of the amount of time Hawk MacKinney spent developing him. To me he seemed like he could almost walk off the pages of the book and into real life as a real person. I really enjoyed reading Westobou Gold by Hawk MacKinney and I plan to give some of the author's other books a try!